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Écume * Ferréol Babin

Écume * Ferréol Babin 1

Ferréol Babin, french designer presents his latest collection. Still in progress, Écume is an ongoing serie of handmade pieces of furniture using a unique and a random painting process.

Standard boards of pine wood become unique, they are assembled to form small pieces of furniture that mix elementary shapes and functions with surprising patterns and colors.
Ferréol Babin says:
“This specific surface treatment, in addition to providing an instant result, makes each piece unique. It is precisely this that interests me, be able to generate unique and surprising reasons from standard and accessible materials, and decorations using a simple process. Because of its craft and random of each rendition, I realize fully each piece, in order to control and call the better effects. ”



Écume * Ferréol Babin 31


Écume * Ferréol Babin 41


Écume * Ferréol Babin 51


Écume * Ferréol Babin 61


Écume * Ferréol Babin 71


Read our interview where he reveals a bit more about him-self.


Écume * Ferréol Babin pinit fg en rect red 28

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