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R 20th Century Gallery * 5 Platonic Objects

R 20th Century gallery  is presenting 5 Platonic Objects by New York-based architect and designer Christian Wassmann .

Christian Wassmann started his carrerat a young age in Switzerland and during the past two decades he has collaborated with architects and artists. In private practice since 2006, he has designed such projects as the celebrated East Village Radio station on 1st Avenue, the Curved Wall House in Miami, the “Fibonacci Spiral” construction for the threeASFOUR fashion show, and an apartment and private showroom for Lisson Gallery, as well as competition entries for an art museum in Maribor, Slovenia, and a venue for Creative Time at Art Basel Miami. Wassmann is the recipient of the 2012 AIA New York New Practices award and the 2010 Swiss Art Award.

Christian Wassmann’s architectural designs start as discoveries originating from the interconnections of the arts. He and his international team develop designs influenced by the vibrancy of urban life, art, and geometry. Wassmann’s projects range from ephemeral site-specific installations and exhibitions to more enduring furniture, interiors, and architecture.  Some of Wassmann obsessions are: Infinity, curves, tension, cosmos, recontextualization, art and geometry the theme of this exhibition.

This exhibition is featuring objects, furniture and drawings inspires by five unique geometric forms and one of Wassmann’s obesession, geometry. For this exhibition, he has created five objects that demonstrate how these forms can fulfill the basic needs of someone inhabiting a space.




“Hexahedron” is made of latex foam and Kvadrat fabric and can be turned inside out in order to become each of its forms/functions; as a cube it serves as a stool or small table, and in its expanded state it becomes a lounge chair. Edition of 9.



“Tetrahedron” (smaller size) pillow and headrest can be positioned in four different orientations, each of which can fit three leaning people simultaneously. It is made of canvas, horsehair/hoghair and a zipper.

“Icosahedron” vessel in clay with a rubber plug. The “Icosahedron” can be used on any of its twenty sides as a vase or an urn.



“Octahedron” dining table made with a solid walnut elliptical slice as the top and a bent steel rod frame. While the metal base represents an infinite form, the piece of wood presents just the opposite; revealing a map of history and finite time through its lines of tension and the annual rings. Edition of 9 tables.

This exhibition is open from March 5th to April 20th 2013, at R 20th Century gallery New York, NY USA

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