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Alex Trochut * Preview the Next Year’s Art Bottle For Mumm

Alex Trochut_Preview the Next Year’s Art Bottle For Mumm

Alex Trochut is a Spanish artist that love ilustration and art tipography.


Actually he presented an interactive digital art performance at Cologne’s ART.FAIR to kick off the launch of next year’s limited edition Mumm art bottle, which will be available in Spring 2016.


Alex is a artista that already worked for many brands, like New York Times, Rolling Stone and MTV.


Recently, he given a interview that talks about your projects and ambitions. Design gallerist present you some of this questions.

Alex Trochut_Preview the Next Year’s Art Bottle For Mumm

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Alex Trochut_Preview the Next Year’s Art Bottle For Mumm

When did you become interested in illustration and did you always want to become an illustrator?


Alex Trochut: I consumed tons of illustration when I was a kid, and I loved to collect all kinds of graphics, garbage pail kids, skateboard graphics, stamps, etc. When I was twelve, I first heard about graphic design and what it was. I was immediately interested in it as an actual career, I always thought design would be a way to canalize my artistic needs. By the time I was 17, I started to study design in school, where some teachers told me that design had nothing to do with art – it was all function and rationality in the decisions. Some others encouraged me to follow my intuition and work in a more emotional way. Little by little though, my work started to lean towards more expressive design, and that led me to illustration.



What are some of the biggest influences on your work?


Alex Trochut: The list is bottomless, I have different ones depending on the moment and the project. I am a huge image consumer, but when it comes to ideas I’m really into the American school of design – Herb Lublin, Milton Glaser – as well as great executions made with a clever and to-the-point idea.

Alex Trochut_Preview the Next Year’s Art Bottle For Mumm

Where did the inspiration for the design of the ‘Mumm’ bottle come from?


Alex Trochut: The design for Mumm is based on the intersection between paint splashes and bubbles. The inspiration came from the close-up of abstract expressionism paintings – I created three different moods or flavour landscapes based on the three Mumm bottles. Extra Dry being the boldest and Rose being the lightest, and sweeter. I like how the sparkling texture really comes to life in each of the three patterns.

Alex Trochut_Preview the Next Year’s Art Bottle For Mumm

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Alex Trochut_Preview the Next Year’s Art Bottle For Mumm

Can you talk a little bit about your typical design process? Did you follow the same process for the ‘Mumm’ bottle?


Alex Trochut: Every project is different, and I try to push myself into alternating methodologies, so the final results look unique. For Mumm I worked on sketching and splashes at first, and then working on with a digital art bush look. I wanted to zoom in on the abstract shapes and look for a ‘rhythm – in shapes for every different pattern and note, some bolder and longer while others smaller and lighter. The process was about finding an emotional translation of the Mumm flavours into abstract patterns.

Alex Trochut_Preview the Next Year’s Art Bottle For Mumm

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