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Alexander Lervik * Exclusive Interview


Alexander Lervik has been working as a product designer for 15 years. His work is characterised by innovation, humour, passion, unruliness and intensity. From his design studio in Södermalm, Stockholm. Read our interview with Lervik where he reveals a bit more about himself.


A · Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

This is always hard. Just bring in a text that i have about me.
Alexander Lervik is one of Swedens most well known designers, collaborating with a number of national and international producers, including Moroso, Dark,zero and Johansson Design. Though his main focus is lighting, furniture and product design, he also creates concepts for hotel and restaurant interiors and collaborate with fashion brands. Throughout the years, Lervik has received a number of awards, amongst them Best of The Best at 100% design, +1 Best in show at Stockholm Furniture fair, Utmärkt Svensk Form and the prestigious award Design S. He is represented at Nasjonalmuseum in Oslo, Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and the design museum Rhösska in Gothenburg, Sweden.



B · What’s your favourite part of the design process?

The moment when you are breaking the wall of a new idea. When you realize that you have solved the problem and that this really will work. Thats fantastic.



C · Please tell us more about your art and design background and what made you become an artist and designer?
My mother is a sculptress and my father is an engineer so i got in-between. The interest in design started when i where a teenager. First i worked with a furniture carpenter for two years and after that i studied at Beckmans school of design in Stockholm for three years.



D · Where do you get inspiration?

I travel a lot, read magazines, books visit art and fashion exhibitions and first of all being a part of the daily life, that’s maybe the biggest inspiration of all.



E · What was the movie or book that impressed you the most?

For my design the Jaques Tati movies made the biggest impression. Also the movie 2001from the sixties. Books of history and science means a lot to me.



F · Can you describe your style, how has that style developed over the years?

My style is idea driven. Many of my products have an idea that can be communicated. The brighthandle have its light that shows occupied or vacant, The lucy table have a completely new folding technique. The worlds first lightswing that light up a dark garden, or the chocolate lamp that melts down into chocolate pieces to eat in the end.




G · What are you working on at the moment?
A whiskey bottle, bicycle lamps, several furnitures, lightings  and new Jewelerys.



H · For you what makes a product rare?

When it talks to me, in different ways – bad or good.



I · What would people be surprised to learn about you?

That the main reason that i came with the idea of the chocolate lamp is that I am addicted to sugar. So for several months we had the smell of chocolate in the studio. Fantastic!!



See more about An Illuminated Tent by Johan Carpner & Alexander Lervik For Zero at Stockholm.



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