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An amazing Gravity Print Series by Massimo Colonna

Written by Andre Almeida

Massimo Colonna is an Italian Digital Artist, Photographer and Post Producer. You can see that his images, photos and renders are characterized by a personal surreal and minimalistic vision aims to shows the essence of his works.

Console Table GIF Boca do Lobo Massimo Colonna Massimo Colonna

He created a series called “Gravity” where you can see that work echoes the minimal, stark simplicity of the modernist artist of the 40s and 50s present on the images. He uses architectural motifs like the arch and referencing the classical Italian landscape with Tuscan pencil pines, Colonna creates warm staged scenes in brilliant sunlight and sharp shadows. You can see also the presence of pastel colors on his works he uses like neutral tones.

Massimo Colonna

This characteristic is a permanent feeling for the artist and quiet solitude in the fixed positioning of these design elements. This feeling is interrupted by the presence of the feather-light solitary balloon, the bouncing basketball or the paper planes flying in formation. With their lightness and movement, in contrast to their static surrounds, we’re left feeling contemplative and appreciative of the beauty of these most ordinary objects.

But with this project “Gravity” you can appreciate and you can absorb the relaxing energy with this project.

Massimo Colonna

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