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Arno Declercq | A multi-cultural designer

Arno Declercq is a multi-cultural designer.

Born in 1994 in Belgium, he is a designer and art dealer. With a passion for design, atmosphere, history, and craft, he creates bespoke objects.

While growing up Arno was exposed to beauty and design. His parents liked to work with beautiful brands and objects.

His father studied Arts Fashion, worked for Bikkembergs and created his own fashion brand, and also collected tribal arts. His mother started working with his father but also bought a shoe store with high-end brands.

Influenced by the love of beauty and art from his parents, Arno studied interior design. there he learned about materials and history, and started to design his own interior design projects, and opened a gallery.

That gallery was closed after a year, and after that, he started his own brand of bespoke pieces.

A collection inspired by the concept of big and static decor elements, focusing on architecture, ancient arts, and design.

Each piece created by Arno is unique since every single one is handcrafted by himself. The materials used in the collection have a very interesting story, they are made of tropical hardwood called Iroko. Something he discovered after a trip to West Africa, and his interest in voodoo arts. According to Arno, this wood is used in a lot of different objects by a tribal art who believes that their ancestors live in these trees, and so they call this tree “the king of the forest”.

Aron combines the Iroko wood with dried old Belgian oak and a unique ancient Japanese technique called “Shou Sugi Ban”, which creates a patina texture. And these different materials and techniques are what make his objects so unique.

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multi-cultural designer

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