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Arran Gregory * Mirrored Geometric Animals

With a futuristic approach to design, Arran Gregory attempts through his work to bring nature back intopeoples lives. London-based sculptor and illustrator, he had his third solo show “WOLF” at the Print House Gallery in London. Using material and color to interpret towards artistic ends his work represents a formalized approach to naturalistic form that utilizes line and plane to render complex form. Constructed using flat geometric mirrored pieces,taking the notion of faceted surface, yielding a dramatic form that reflects both light and image, the striking mirrored animal sculptures are the stars of Gregory work’s.

These Wolf is a sculpt out of acrylic resin, mineral stone and applied cut, faceted mirrors to every surface along its body. The creases and edges really give the works an icy, cracked effect. The difficulty of translating the supple, organic lines of a living creature’s body into geometric lines and cut glass only furthers the impact of this aesthetic statement. Gregory often works in natural forms like these, typically employing all manner of fauna. He has also sculpted bears, greyhounds, deer, and a rhinoceros. See much more on his Tumblr or site.


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