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Art Basel * Top 10 LONDON ART Galleries

There are a total of 283 galleries participating, and the main section of the show and we have made a special selection of the 10 best London galleries that will participate in 45th year of the Art Basel.


1. The approach.


A contemporary art gallery situated in Bethnal Green, London. founded in 1997 by Jake Miller, Damien Meade, Ana Genoves and others, One of the gallery’s original objectives is to offer solo exhibitions to London based artists at the start of their careers. Since 1998 the gallery began representing artists and the programme expanded into an international one, working with established artists as well as continuing to exhibit younger emerging artists and curating a lively group show programme.

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2. Daniel Blau – Art & Photography.


Daniel Blau opened his first gallery in 1990 in the basement of a former bakery in Munich. In 2011 Daniel Blau opened a second gallery space in London specialising in vintage photography. Recent exhibitions have encompassed 19th century works by masters such as Le Gray and De Beaucorps, 20th century NASA, Robert Capa and photographs of atomic testings and contemporary works by David Bailey. This year, the exhibition ‘Black-and-White’ has been invited to the Art Basel to shows wonderful works on paper by artists such as Baselitz, Kiefer, Kirkeby, Lüpertz and Penck, beside large-format NASA photographs taken of the lunar surface in 1967.

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3. Thomas Dane Gallery.


A gallery based in the St James area of London, whose international artists include Steve McQueen, Kelley Walker, Glenn Ligon and Abraham Cruzvillegas.

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4. Sadie Coles.


Coles, is a British art dealer, the owner of Sadie Coles HQ, a contemporary art gallery opened in 1997. Sdie Coles, has been at the forefront of the Young British Artists movement and is considered one of “The most powerful people in the art world”. (The Guardian).

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5. Massimo De Carlo.


In his London gallery, he has favoured group shows, and solos by younger artists (such as Aaron Young) and overlooked older generations (the late Dadamaino, for example, a member of Milan-based experimental group Azimuth). Having played a significant hand in the careers of the likes of Elmgreen & Dragset (whose retrospective Biography is currently travelling through Scandinavia) and Maurizio Cattelan (the busiest ‘retired’ artist ArtReviewknows), De Carlo continues to look forward, recently signing two young artists, Tony Lewis and Andra Ursuta.

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6. Stephen Friedman.


The gallery was established in 1995 and is now recognised amongst the leading international galleries in the field of contemporary art. This place represents both established and emerging artists since its inauguration. In 2005 it expanded, taking on adjacent premises designed by Caruso St John and in 2011 an additional gallery space was opened at No. 11.

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7. Frith Street Gallery.


This gallery was established in 1989 in an historic building in Soho, London and quickly became known for a distinctive group of artists working in film, photography, painting, and sculpture. In 2007 the gallery moved to a purpose built space on Golden Square. In 2014, they reopened the original space at 60 Frith Street, a place for experimentation and complementing.

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 8. Gagosian Gallery.


Contemporary art gallery owned and directed by Larry Gagosian. There are eleven gallery spaces: three in New York; two in London; one in each of Beverly Hills, Rome, Athens, Paris, Geneva and Hong Kong. Gagosian Gallery aims to maintain the price level of its artists by actively playing a role at art auctions.

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 9. Marian Goodman Gallery.


Marian Goodman is owner of the Marian Goodman Gallery, a contemporary art gallery that represents a number of substantial contemporary artists.

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10. Greengrassi.


Opened in 1997 in London on Fitzroy Street and moved in 2004 to Kennington, South London; the gallery, represents a heterogeneous list of artists who work in a variety of media, working directly  and supports them in all aspects of their career.

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