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Banana Show Exhibition in Belgium * Studio Job

the banana show

The well-known rebels of the Studio Job, has created a new series of lamps with the shape of peeled bananas for their new exhibition: The Banana Show, which will take place at Belgium’s Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery. The solo exhibition, founded by Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel in 2000.

Bananas are the most popular fruit in the world… a nice reference to the other icons of the Pop Art, the Marilyns, the Campbell’s Soups, the Dollars signs, Coca-Cola… distilling the beauty out of the popular is an art form itself” – said a statement from the gallery, which also cited former artist-in-residence Keith Haring as a reference for the exhibition.

the banana show

The Studio, who is not afraid to represent their own universe, in this limited-edition collection of Banana Lamps comprises seven different lights, designed to look like the yellow fruit, including five standing models held up in different positions by the curved representations of a banana’s peeled skin, as well as a hanging wall light and an oversized version. Each light features a polished bronze skin and an etched mouth-blown glass fruit filled with LED lights.

The objects of Studio Job are often generally based on personal fascinations varying from unique pieces, editions, installations, interiors and assignments for public space. The way Studio Job is walking a tightrope between design and art gave their works an autonomous position in the world design internationally. More than once Studio Job provoked a fresh discussion on the existing norms of the contemporary design field.

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the banana show

The Banana Show exhibition also includes the brand new piece: Buoy Mirror, a red ring-shaped frame with four white bands and resembles a lifebuoy. The facet-cut mirror features sintered glass and hand-painted banana graphics in keeping with the exhibition’s theme.

the banana show

Speaking of bananas, seven new ink banana drawings on A2 paper in oak frames will be displayed alongside 30 drawings taken from Job Smeets’ archive from 1998 to 2005. The exhibition also coincides with the release of a book entitled Desegnaĵoj – the first monograph of Smeets’ drawings.

the banana show

This is not the first time that this team shows a model based on fruits, previously  Tokenlights designed a set of hand-blown glass pendants based on the fruit of a rare Japanese plant, while Hisakazu Shimizu disguised a lamp as a bowl of candy-coloured glass fruits.

Those people, will expose everything in this exhibition, for example, they will show their new editions to its Paper collection. A wooden desk and a sideboard – both one-offs – are made from polyurethane-coated papier-mâché with polished bronze feet and handles.

the banana show

the banana show

So, you can’t miss this exhibition who will open until 27 September 2015 at the Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery.

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Portrait Painting * Cesar Biojo

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