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Boca do Lobo * Contemporary Luxury Design

Boca do Lobo * Contemporary Luxury Design Diamond Watch Winder Slider 02

Treasures may come in many forms: friends, money, books, cigars, wine, perfums, diamonds…  personal gifts we enjoy to collect. In order to preserve these treasures, Boca do Lobo Studio has created a new collection designed for demanding clients who possess fascinating secrets and  desire to preserve them.With Private Collection all of your treasures will be in your own secret place, your exclusive and unique world.



Boca do Lobo * Contemporary Luxury Design Cloud Watch Winder Slider 01


Boca do Lobo * Contemporary Luxury Design Black Diamond Luxury Safe Slider 011

Boca do Lobo Design Studio surpassed the concept of security with its designers’ and master artisans’ new creation. Knox represents the nirvana of treasures, an impenetrable luxurious place to guard the world’s most precious possessions.


The inviolable US army base Fort Knox, where most of the gold of the USA Government is held, inspired this piece of furniture art. Knoxluxury home safe can only be opened by inserting the right code in the center of a luxurious brass casted handle inspired by the movie Goldfinger, which gave the place its fame. This beautiful detail attributed the rigid form a unique glamour, just like Hollywood did to Knoxville.


Boca do Lobo * Contemporary Luxury Design Knox Watch Winder


Boca do Lobo * Contemporary Luxury Design KNOX TABLE TOP


Outside, it is visible how the safety system works, and when you open the door you can actually see it working through the glass applied on the inside of the door. Boca do Lobo doesn’t only create functional pieces, but timeless designs which provoke joy and excitement and bring beauty into people’s lives.
Highly customizable, the safe’s interior can be arranged accordingly to the user’s needs, for an extra touch of exclusivity and uniqueness.
Knox is hyper-luxury refinement at its best.


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