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Cedric Ragot * Interview

Cedric Ragot * Interview  13000voltsweb1

After graduating from the French National Institute for Advanced Studies in Design, l’ENSCI-Les Ateliers in 1999, he founded his own design studio in 2002 Eclecticism is his personal choice.

Cédric Ragot builds a cross category approach of industrial design, getting involved into a broad scope of application fields: from cosmetics to consumer electronics, from tableware to sports equipment, from furniture to the electrical appliance industry. (Cappellini, Rosenthal, Panasonic, Roche Bobois, Alcatel, Swarovski, Schott, Paco Rabanne, Krups, Lacie, Azzaro, Häagen-Dazs)

He believes that diverse designs are based on one conviction: there is no form out of context; each project must follow a scenario which is written specifically for its use, its design and its materials. He considers that the starting point for any design project is a blank page, a moment consisting both of soul-searching and multiple possibilities. Cédric Ragot sets out to formalize these certitudes, painstakingly providing a justified response in an economic, social and environmental context.

As a designer, he considers himself as serving a triangular relationship between his ideals as a designer, the goals of industrial partners who support his initiative and the aspirations of his contemporaries.

A situation which makes it necessary to constantly and proactively foresee the transformations which surround us, shaking up the codes and opening out the boundaries. Whether they are technological, biological or even social, Cedric Ragot considers any design transformation to be a source of creative energy which leads him to mix influences and experiences, and to have a kaleidoscope-type view of the designs for our every day life.

Cedric Ragot * Interview

A. Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I really love experimenting new fields, new materials, new contexts.

I hate specialization.

B. Please tell us more about your art and design background and what made you become an artist and designer?

I have an industrial design background.

I have always been fascinated by the manufacturing process. The way materials were transformed, assembled. It’s something I put in my design as I did for the Fast vase (Rosenthal) or more recently for the 13000 Volts lamp (Ymer&Malta)

C. What’s your favourite part of the design process?

There are two exciting phases during my design process.

The first is when I’m convinced by my proposal, I found the right answer after a researches period. I know that this one is The One, there is no doubt about it. This moment is a kind of crystallization. I love that sense of fairness.

The second one is when the process development is finished and I can discover the first prototype.

D. For you what makes a product rare?

Products which tell a contemporary and innovative story are rare.

Products must be linked to its time and not to the past. In generally, I appreciate when I can detect the global meaning of a product, its « raison d’etre ».

These products are the testimony of a civilization. A kind of snapshot of the human genius. It’s become a concentrate of innovation and it’s rare.

E . Where do you get inspiration?

I have an everyday inspiration and no favorite theme even if the material and its physical properties alone could become the subject of research of a lifetime.

Everything is a pretext for inspiration when you are in a good mood, in a deliberately astonished spirit. The brain is a kind of filter or a distortion pedal of the reality. The brain can mix and link ideas, images, feelings completely different and create something new. But it’s like a muscle, it must be train.

F. If you had a day off tomorrow, what would you like to do?

You’re right, I should take a day off tomorrow or even more to do something simple but pleasant. Have a walk with my wife and my daughter, visit an exhibition, have lunch in our favorite japanese restaurant…just take time.

But honestly, whatever my activities could be, I’m still linked with my work.




Cedric Ragot * Interview  amibe01jpg

Amibe / Ymer&Malta
Like a parasite, a mutant organism, like a revenge from the living on industry.
Limited run manufacturing. 23 stools & 11 armchairs
Materials: fibreglass, glossy painted
Cedric Ragot * Interview  FASTBN
Hyper Fast / Ymer&Malta
The Hyper Fast vase is the result of a successful experience : a solid surface molding. Technique most able to express the idea of an archetypal Ming vase frozen in its digital acceleration.
The complexity of its production has limited the number of copies and its originality has seduced the Fonds National d’Art Contemporain which purchased the Hyper Fast vase in 2006. As Rosenthal, the famous porcelain manufacturer, which invited Cedric Ragot to design a full range mass produced.
Cedric Ragot * Interview  red fluorescent lamps with brain concept to contemporary table lighting 1 555x351
13000 Volts / Ymer&Malta
Lampe Edition numérotée de 8 exemplaires + 2 protos + 2 E.A
Matériaux : Lobes : Tubes Néon diam 11mm – Cervelet diam : 9mm ,Tôle laquée polyuréthane RAL 9017 brillant.
see more at: www.cedricragot.com
Sofia Silva, 2012

Cedric Ragot * Interview  pinit fg en rect red 28

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