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“Chair One” * Konstantin Grcic

“Chair One” * Konstantin Grcic 2 Chair One



Konstantin Grcic was born in Munich, Germany in 1965. After he began working for an antique furniture restorer, “because I wanted to learn how to make things properly,” he went to the Royal College of Art in London, where he found his true passion: designing furniture.


“Chair One” * Konstantin Grcic 1 Konstantin Grcic


Grcic creates industrial products widely described as pared down, simple, minimalist and he defines function in human terms, combining maximum formal strictness with considerable mental acuity and humor. His work his also known for its logical thought process, honesty of materials and respect for production methods.



Since setting up his own design practice Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design in Munich in 1991 he has developed furniture, products and lighting for big clients like such as Agape, Authentics, ClassiCon, Flos, Krups, Magis, Moormann, Muji, and Vitra, among others.

“Chair One” * Konstantin Grcic 3 Chair Two


His partnership with Magis allow the conception to one of the most interesting and inventive chairs ever created: Chair_One. “This was a wonderful project to work on,” says Grcic, admitting that his relative youth led him down unexplored pathways with eyes wide open.


“Chair One” * Konstantin Grcic 4 Chair One



“This was possibly the first time ever that such a large die-cast was used for making a chair. Typically this technology is used for smaller components only,” he explains. “It involved a lot of heavy tooling. I decided to break up surfaces into thin sections like branches and let the material flow through the mold to create the shape, which is kind of like a basket or a grid, and very three-dimensional.”

The Chair One is an exceptionally versatile indoor/outdoor seating system, the chair is one of the most original and important seating designs to come along in years. The chair legs are polished anodized aluminum and seats are die-cast aluminum, cataphoretically-treated and painted in red, white or anthracite polyester powder.


“Chair One” * Konstantin Grcic 5 Chair One

Grcic feels very passionate  about what he does and he hopes young designers starting out feel the same way. “Some people today think design is all about having fun, but that’s not true,” he states. “It’s hard work, serious work. You have to think not only about the object you’re designing, but everything else about it, from how it will be produced to who will be using it, to what happens to it after it goes through its life cycle. So designing is big responsibility. And I believe you can only do it well if you truly enjoy it.”


Know more about his collection CHAMPIONS .

“Chair One” * Konstantin Grcic pinit fg en rect red 28

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