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Charlie Davidson * Cool chair

Charlie Davidson is the designer of cool chair. No, this is not just another opinion on this chair, it’s its name. We can tell that there are a lot of cool chairs, but this is the one! This chair is made of holes, an interesting composing to a chair that gives it an edgy look.


Charlie Davidson * Cool chair Imag13


Made 50% of holes this creation reflects his ideals of “Design it simply, make it beautifully and be sure it’s necessary”. The cool chair was on exhibition at trends area at the Cologne furniture fair in the year of 2011.


Charlie Davidson * Cool chair Imag23


A fantastic piece made from 2mm punched steel sheet, gas welded and powder coated the design is based on a prototype for a plastic outdoor chair. This limited edition piece takes a week to produce. The designer says that it looks really simple, but this takes months of prototyping to reach a perfect balance.


Charlie Davidson * Cool chair Imag33


We love Charlie Davidson creations and it could take months to do that it would be really worth to wait!


Charlie Davidson * Cool chair pinit fg en rect red 28

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