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Cho Gi Seo – Korean Culture, Millenials and Flowers

Cho Gi Seo the Korean photographer who grew up among the Millenials and who added visual culture to the internet.

Lover of the visual and dramatic scenes Cho’s beginnings in graphic design – a degree he began to study in Seoul but eventually dropped out and risked everything in photography.
Born in Seoul, where he is based, Cho’s portraits are a translation for carefulness and surrealness in Asian culture. One of his main goals is to provoke the youngest Korean generation to create curiosity and interest in their own roots.

Each photo, work, or project has its own narrative and fantasy associate. Each character or subject is thought in order to construct an image, the colors, lighting, and props transform the model into a fantastical character, oozing with narrative and spirit.

Though each photograph is distinct, on closer inquiry there are several recurring themes among Cho’s imaginative creativity. He uses props like delicate insects and flowers, particularly orchids appear often.
Orchids are not only among the most highly regarded blooms in Korean culture but also represent harmony, longevity, and the spirituality of Ying and Yang because of their many unusual qualities. Their arrangement is used sparingly, but notably, and a way for the photographer to express the purity of beauty.

Here are some of the most know works of the photographer that you can’t miss.

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