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CHROMAtex * Softlab Studio

CHROMAtex * Softlab Studio CHROMAesthesiae 06


CHROMAtex is a site specific installation created by the new york-based studio softlab, American design studio, exposed in the Bridgegallery. The installation was designed to produce a complex environmental and spatial combination of six colors. The color is mixed in the interior of the form leaving a vibrant interior that is back lit by the gallery.
Nearly 4000 blocks of coloured paper and 17,000 clips of Office were necessary for the achievement of this real futuristic artwork in the form of a tunnel gradient. Totally an explosion of colours.
Each piece has a specific geometry that the team laser cuts on high glossy photo paper.
As viewers move around the piece they discover the finished effects produced by the construction.


CHROMAtex * Softlab Studio CHROMAtex 18 1

CHROMAtex * Softlab Studio CHROMAtex 02

CHROMAtex * Softlab Studio chromatex softlab 03

CHROMAtex * Softlab Studio chromatex softlab 04

CHROMAtex * Softlab Studio 6oxg05wr0ap1wc5c

CHROMAtex * Softlab Studio CHROMAtex 06

CHROMAtex * Softlab Studio fm3d05zwogb70gmo


Softlab studio was founded on the idea that design should allow for change. Projects should be designed with the potential to adapt and grow. In an era where, the times are a-changing faster than we can keep track, SOFTlab seem to be among a group of designers that’s pioneering a new, lightweight form of design that appears in step with the future, whatever it may bring.

Design Team: Michael Szivos, Jose Gonzalez, Carrie McKnelly, Elliot White, Tyler O’Rielley, Troy Zezula, Sean Madigan, Corey Kingston
Installation: Julia Schleppe, Andrew Manart, Simon Kristak, David Gonzalez, Andrew Chen, Anthony Buccellato, Laura Vincent, Michael House, Brandt Graves, Austin Smith, Andrew Sutton, Alan Tansey, Mac Glovinsky, Robin Jones.




CHROMAtex * Softlab Studio video

CHROMAtex * Softlab Studio pinit fg en rect red 28

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