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Cirkel*by Daphna Lauren

Cirkel*by Daphna Lauren collectioncirkel11

Sometimes it takes just one look to make an opinion about something, and this piece does exactly that, Beautiful it’s at it says at first glance. The Circle shape and nature are clearly the main inspiration, that made Dphana Lauren’s.  The basis of this new collection is the circle has a versatile shape, deceptively simple yet open to endless manipulation.

Play with it anyway it pleases you, but the circle allows to be manipulated in anyway, it’s the most simple of forms and yet captivates your senses everytime. And that is exactly what Daphna Lauren did. Inspired by the Deco period and the Bauhaus movement’s Laszlo Nagy in particular, this set of furniture, is duality of  simplicity and elegance, the sublime forms give a smothing aura to give life to any space, and invites you to use them.

The friendly aparence is due to the wood that forms the route of the pieces, maple oak and walnut, is attractive, with a lovely tactility to the grains and veneers. I particularly like the work table, for the enomerous possibilites for use, and the beautiful lines that make it just mesmerizing to watch.


Cirkel*by Daphna Lauren collectioncirkel21

Cirkel*by Daphna Lauren collectioncirkel3Cirkel*by Daphna Lauren collectioncirkel4Cirkel*by Daphna Lauren collectioncirkel5Cirkel*by Daphna Lauren collectioncirkel7Cirkel*by Daphna Lauren collectioncirkel9

Cirkel*by Daphna Lauren pinit fg en rect red 28

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