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Brown and Garrett * Cloud

Unexpected and with visual impact, today´s post is about an incandescent installation that invite audiences to interact with.

Constructed by Caitlind Brown and  Wayne Garrett, cloud is an amazing 6.000 light bulbs installation. It was first shown a couple of nights in Calgary for the Arts Festival Nuit Blanche and recently on display as part of Art Experiment 2013 from January 2 – 23, 2013, commissioned by Garage Center for Contemporary Culture.


Brown and Garrett * Cloud 1


Brown and Garrett * Cloud 2


Brown and Garrett * Cloud 3


Brown and Garrett * Cloud 4


The large-scale interactive sculpture invites the viewer to walk through a hail of strings, to pull them, turn on and off, creating an illusion of lightning on the surface of the cloud, giving the entire audience a magical night to remember . The idea was to create an informal collaboration between the community and the artists, reduce costs, and experiment with the potential of items post-use. As we ca see on the pictures below the, sculpture is covered in a skin of incandescent light bulbs, and rear-lit from within by 250 compact fluorescent bulbs, pulling a total power of approximately 20 amps. Each of these bulbs is attached to a pull-string, allowing viewers to control the illumination of the structure – like lightning in the CLOUD above them.


Brown and Garrett * Cloud 7


Brown and Garrett * Cloud 8


Brown and Garrett * Cloud 10


Brown and Garrett * Cloud 11


Brown and Garrett * Cloud 12


Brown and Garrett * Cloud 13

Brown and Garrett * Cloud pinit fg en rect red 28

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Naoto Fukasawa

MAX LAMP by MatterMatters

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