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Contemporary Australia in Sydney’s Été Restaurant

Éte is a French restaurant were cooking has always been synonymous with beautiful presentation and innovative flavors and Été delivers exactly that. Été was built on the idea of using both old and new world cooking techniques to create dishes that are exciting and elegant, without losing sight of the traditions of classical French cuisine.

Été Été

The menu’s Francophile sumptuousness is manifested in the restaurant’s décor that has been designed by Australian interior designers Foolscap Studio as a tribute to the effortless elegance of classic Provençal style, albeit filtered through an Australian sensibility of contemporary refinement.

The combination of old and new world elements is more than an aesthetic mélange though. It is also an evocative reflection of Été’s cuisine, which combines old-world traditions of classical French cuisine with new world cooking techniques, as well as a recognition of the importance of seasonality and landscape to the cultural identity of both regions.


The shifting seasons are also reflected, albeit more statically, in two competing color palettes that the designers have used to divide the open-plan space into two zones. In the front section, bright tangerine and green tones and light timber elements, in conjunction with the daylight that floods the space through the glazed façade, represent spring and summer, while a combination of plum, burgundy and dark timber in the back conjure a more moody atmosphere more suitable to autumn and winter.

Details such as leather-bound handles and table legs, carved timber edges and granite inlays reveal a realm of refinement and luxury behind the veil of rough comfort, a sensation quite analogous to Été’s menu whose heart-warming dishes conceal highly refined culinary techniques.


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