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Contemporary Cloud lamp * by Margie Teeuwen

One of the best designers Margje Teeuwen has collaborated Erwin Zwiers to create Proplamp. A proplamp is a lamp made from a biodegradable non-woven material that you can “crush” to tailor-make your own design.

Margue Teeuwen was always fascinated by the beauty of shapes. For many many years she crumbling paper to create strange and beautiful shapes.
As a paper lover the collaboration with Erwin Zwiers intensified this passion and formed a new source of inspiration.

Always experimenting with new materials, he came across a multifunctional non woven plastic, which was ideal for designing a light.
The result of their collaboration is their latest design project.  A lamp in the shape of a crumbled piece of paper, made of biodegradable nonwoven material.

Each lamp is pre-shaped by Margje and Erwin, but the unique features of the material allow the lamp to be reshaped over and over again, by the new owner. It enables anyone to tailor the shape of “proplamp” to their wishes.”

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Contemporary Design Explosion Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz in Design Gallerist

NEW Explosion Cabinet * Sebastian Errazuriz

Contemporary Red Chair by XYZ Architecture

Contemporary Red Chair * XYZ Integrated Architecture

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