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Contemporary Pagan chair*Material Lust


Lauren Larson and Christian Lopes Swafford are  artists masquerading as designers and together thy crate Material Lust. Both were raised by their artist Mothers (Swafford’s a Mexican painter and Larson’s an American painter) who provided a fine arts foundation for them at an early age. Material Lust strives to design a conversation around their admittedly ominous aesthetic and identity in a movement they have coined Oppressionism.

Their latest edition to the Material Lust family is the geometric Pagan Chair. “The chair has received some visceral reactions. People either get really uncomfortable and quiet or immediately connect with it.” Swafford explained of viewer’s initial reactions to the dark piece.

The geometric steel frame of the chair is powder coated in a matte black finish with a smoke Lucite seat. This is an unconventional chair that captures the attention of every eye! Material Lust create pieces full of symbolism and this chair is timeless!

This contemporary chair has many graphic influents, all the views are different and creat an ilusion ! The Pentagram is a powerful 2-dimensional geometry so the matte finish helps flatten the piece out and accentuate the lines.

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