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The walls of Cristina La Porta

Italian multidisciplinary designer Cristina La Porta creates imagined and utopian spaces.

Raised in Sicily and based in Milan, her work is focused on interior design, graphic art and design, and product design.
Her design philosophy is centered around detail and novelty within idyllic, near utopian spaces. These imaginary spaces help to escape from reality by creating suggestions in the mind of the viewer: at the base of his ideas, there are always aesthetics and fantasy, for the creation of surreal and fantastic environments.
Creative’s design philosophy is centered around the detail and novelty within these spaces. Her idyllic 3D visualizations are an escape from reality, isolated and paradisiacal, where the viewer can both relax and be in search of a fantasy.

Her passion for the creation of idyllic spaces and 3D visualizations is the result of the constant search for aesthetics, a less commercial vision of reality, and above all a constant search for her inner self, where, only in these places can she find the peace and alienate her a little from the reality that surrounds her, to dream, wonderfully, with open eyes… – She said.

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