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The Curved Figures of Kieu Tran

Kieu Tran is a first-generation Vietnamese American artist based in Oakland, California.

Not only shapes these figures are sensorial, sensuous, biomorphic ceramic sculptures. In her work, Kieu aims to give expression to emotion, through abstract art. Kieu Tran believes her sculptures to be effortless. Just like a soul that guides a body. With this in mind that gives form to the human soul and reminds us of our shared humanity.

Kieu obtained a bachelor’s degree in art history from UCLA and studied art while living in Italy and Germany. In 2014, Kieu followed an intriguing pull to Silicon Valley where she learned to code in 2014 and soon after became a full-time software engineer. On a parallel path, she also developed a serious ceramic art practice.
They’re shapes that speak to me on an innate level. She believes it’s possible that feeling can be transmitted through fingertips. This corporeal, nonlinguistic dialogue that she has with clay.
Immersing in the two practices side-by-side, Kieu Tran eventually realized that she was always meant to be an artist. In January of 2021, Kieu left tech to pursue her passion of becoming a full-time artist. In less than one year on her destined path, her ceramic sculptures have since been received with excitement. And she has cultivated a growing following of enthusiastic collectors.

Personal, intimist and passionate.

My Inner Child



Mother and Chil

First Dance

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