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Dante Good & Bads – Design that connects

It is a challenge every time. Dante Goods and Bads was founded in 2012 by artist Aylin Langreuter and industrial designer Christophe de la Fontaine.

They share a profound love of the material world for all its pathos and beauty. They are aware that Dante Goods And Bads is a fragile and highly ambitious attempt. Nevertheless, they are determined to persevere.

To each collection DANTE- Goods And Bads a guest is invited to inspire, mentor, and/or influence the creation of the new product. Each collection’s products, design, and presentation then emerge from some form of dialog with that individual, institution, or concept. His or her or its emotions, habits, memories.

The design of every product ever made has always been shaped by the most prominent need of the society that created it. More often than not, it was the search for the practical, for maximal usability. DANTE-Goods And Bads, however, senses another desire: Warmth. Content. So our filter is this: create a connection. Create material objects that are not merely things, but favorites. Talismans. Everyday products that are not a priori practical, useful, efficient but rather: emotional. So they can have unlikely material attributes like humor, vanity, passion. Comfort, even.

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