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Designart Gallery * Victor Hunt

Victor Hunt Designart Dealer has traded and curated contemporary design since 2008. The Brussels based gallery focuses on the discovery of emerging talent and the production of limited editions at the intersection of design, craft, architecture, and sculpture.

Tomás Alonso, Julien Carretero, Johannes Hemann, Kwangho Lee, Tom Price, Humans Since 1982, and Sylvain Willenz are among the rising stars represented by Victor Hunt.





The services they offer are focused on the search and investment of prototype, limited and designer editions by the most remarkable emerging designers. Victor Hunt is a branded personality of itself, an alter ego capable of customising tehir relation with each customer in constant personal progress.

“We understand designart as the gray zone between industrial design, crafts, architecture, sculpture, conceptual, installation and other many arts but applied to or at least suggesting objects of use”-



Victor Hunt represents a permanent collection to offer the fullest possible range of identity-driven work, and presents ephemeral exhibitions to highlight recent evolution in the field of contemporary designart. The aim is to frame design culture using the available tools to the fullest and reduce the distance between public and designer.




Lambert Crickx 16, 1070 Brussels-Anderlecht, Belgium, (by appointment).


Written by Bruno Fernandes

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