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Digital Natives *P. Fernandez


Mathew Plummer Fernandez is a renewed experimental artist with a passion for designing and producing objects in creative new ways. One of these innovative roads to imaginative artistry is 3D printing, which Matthew has utilized when developing his new collection — Digital Natives.


Ordinary and random everyday things such as watering cans, a Power Ranger action figure, a spray bottle, a dolphin shaped lamp and a 19th century vase are used as the basis for the designs. Each object is scanned with a digital camera. Once the complete scan is successfully uploaded to the computer, specialized algorithms are then applied to take the ordinary out of the aforementioned objects – as each one is transformed into something spectacular through a process of digital distortion. The designer used a costum-made software to subject the scans to algorithms that stretch and distort the data into new forms, before sending the altered files to be 3D printed with colorless sand particles and tinted resin.



The algorithms basically deform the shape by mathematically repositioning its set of coordinates” – Plummer says to Dezeen Magazine – “Different equations create different effects – the simplest are simple multiplications to stretch an object while more advanced formulas can twist or smooth the object or go as far as adding new features such as spikes”.



The algorithms are executed within two software 3D interfaces; co_former for transforming shape, and #ccc (colour co-creator) for generating colour. These create files ready for 3D printing in colour. Done with the open source programming language Processing and libraries Hemesh, ControlP5, and Toxiclibs.



However what makes Mathew’saproach particularly distinctive from other similar design strategies is his bold usage of colors.





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