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Drippy Sculptures of Dan Lam

It’s easy to imagine a world of colourful and cutesy vibes. Once in our lifetime surely every single one of us did it. But Dan Lam brings together the colour and the cute alongside a trippy and slime shape and just like our childish dreams, she makes the world a little bit more cutesy weird.

Dan Lam was used to spending some time alone as an only child so was mandatory to spread the wings of her imagination to entertain herself. She as a child usually melted the candles of the house and played with them. So we can easily see how everything started.

Best known for her “drippy” sculptures and use of vibrant colour. Using non-traditional materials of polyurethane foam, acrylic paint and epoxy resin, her finished work often dangles over shelf ledges, contrasting emotions of desire and disgust.


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