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Eccentric Design Set * Andrew B. Myers

Eccentric Design Set * Andrew B. Myer

Design Gallerist is present the artist, illustrator, and photographer born in Canada, Andrew B. Myers.

Andrew B. Myers grew up in the empty countryside in southwestern Ontario, Canada, he humorously describes as “occasionally smelling of horse manure in the spring when the wind currents were just right.”. Leaving you with plenty of time to focus on drawing your favorite things: flags, diagrams, and any color thing.

Eccentric Design Set * Andrew B. Myer

Andrew picked up a camera in college and brought his love of graphic minimalist compositions to life, using his camera to create narratives on a small scale and unobtrusive visual puns. After graduating from Ryerson University in Toronto with a degree in photography, he quickly became sought after by editorial and commercial customers in both Canada and the USA.

Eccentric Design Set * Andrew B. Myer

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His work is humorous, with a self-deprecating and downright beautiful enough see that it also brings to his photography work, either for a major international brand, such as American Express, Airbnb, and Google, or the publication of world-renowned such as time, GQ and the New Yorker.

It is true that a quick overview will reveal that there is a very definite thread running straight through his photographs and that’s what makes them so recognizable as his. Likes to organize things your way and how he would like to look at them, then assume that share certain visual sensibilities with others, says Andrew. These “visual sensitivities” include clean lines, diagonal compositions, bold predominant colors, and clusters of smaller objects, according to any common theme or multiplications of the same object. Another trend is that there is much more to them than meets the eye.

Eccentric Design Set * Andrew B. Myer

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Eccentric Design Set * Andrew B. Myer

“My work brings both sides of my personality together. One who is a genius and carefree, full of jokes and a silly sense of humor, others to be quiet, reflective and serious,” Andrew says.

“One of the remarkable things about photography that still tickles me is the sheer volume of different ways you can approach the medium to use it for different purposes.” We found that artistic André is in design and illustration


It is quite secret with his work. “I like to store images in folders and take pictures with my phone. It’s really about the slow build up a run of something and not take time. Most of the inspirations are pieces of things or I recorded moments that I can rebuild.” says the artist.

Eccentric Design Set * Andrew B. Myer

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