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An Eclectic Apartment * Ganna Design

An Eclectic Apartment * Ganna Design

Gonna Design is the studio of Taiwanese designers Shih-Jie Lin and Ting-Liang Chen founded in 2010.
Design Gallerist presents “An Eclectic Apartment”, the apartment which is eclectically refurbished in central Taipei. Provides its occupants, an rich environment to live in, and with this project winning a couple of awards in interior design.

An Eclectic Apartment * Ganna Design

The apartment has been conceived as an open living space for the family who lives there. This apartment  has windows on two sides providing daylight and beautiful views of the city.

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An Eclectic Apartment * Ganna Design

Ganna Design Ganna Design Ganna Design Ganna Design

“The rough and the delicate” was the concepts for the duo of designers who have chosen combine the concrete ceiling and the light colored, veneer flooring. A mix of darker elements provide of the darker shades and a taste of splashes of color in an otherwise desaturated palette, creates a modest apartment of understated elegance.

Ganna Design

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Ganna Design

As it was said, Ganna Studio was founded in 2010 and makes the house a new space. Ganna has a meaning, it’s the join of two words in chinese : “Gan” means sweet or pleasant and “Na” means humble attitude and accommodation. The concept is the balance between space and society, creating then a confortable and practical function space.

Ganna Design

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