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Emotions in ink by Janson Chuang

Jason Chuang’s illustrations are surreal and dreamlike, he creates images that come from his imagination.
Illustrator Jason was born in Taiwan and moved to the UK when he was 15 and subsequently pursued an illustration degree at Falmouth University, and is currently finishing up his Master’s degree at RCA’s Visual Communication course. He is passionate about narratives and storytelling, as well as editorial work.

There is nothing Jason Chuang won’t do. From charcoal, colored pencil, conceptual, design, digital, figurative, fine art, gouache, graphic, line with color, painterly, pastel, pen & ink, watercolor. To caricatures, storyboards, comics, editorial, portraits, parades, and so many others.

Jason approaches themes towards his daily life, the conquer and struggles. Full of symbolism, atmosphere, emotion, and poignant imagery mix and pour into Jason’s illustrations.
Holding a unique visual tone, Jason Chuang plays with a mix of contemporary and traditional techniques, leaning on one of the two axes to stir something within the viewer. He tries not to have a fixed formula when creating work and even finds it difficult to talk about it as he doesn’t want to over-intellectualize or post rationalize the creative process.

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