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Exclusive Interview * BEdesign


BEdesign was founded by us, sisters Bette and Cilla Eklund in 2012, as a step towards realizing our passion. BEdesign has its roots deeply in the Finnish architecture, arts and design. The modern and minimalistic design is strongly influenced by nature, the purity of raw materials, and geometric forms. The starting point is to design individualistic furniture that stands out from the crowd. We put great emphasis on aesthetics, functionality as well as outstanding quality materials.

A · Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

We’re sisters, from Finland, and have always had a dream of working together. In October 2012 we started our business BEdesign, where Bette is responsible for the design and the visual look of the brand , while Cilla is managing the daily business such as marketing and sales.

B · What’s your favourite part of the design process?

The journey from idea to product can sometimes be a long one, while the simplest line drawn on a piece of paper can be the beginning of a future classic. The whole design process can be very unexpected, but the best moment for the designer is when for a product you’ve just drawn or sketched, you get the feeling of that this is going to be ‘a good thing’. Also the feeling of finishing a prototype of a final product.




C · Please tell us more about your art and design background and what made you become an artist and designer?

We’ve always been surrounded by architecture and art, as our family has a long heritage of architects (great-grandfather, grandfather, grandmother, father, uncle). Bette has always been interested in design and architecture, and has known that design is something she wished to do. Cilla has always been interested in the business and management side of creative industries. We believe this makes us a great combination, each having our own strengths and complementary skills.

D · Where do you get inspiration?

We get most of our inspiration from nature, and the close connection to nature comes from our mother’s side, as we have grown up on a farm surrounded by animals and outdoors, and this has been a great part of our daily life. Inspiration also comes from doing daily tasks when you notice something interesting or something that’s missing. The design language is often combined with elements form nature.




E · Can you describe your style, how has that style developed over the years?

Bette: I could describe my design style as feminine, simple yet playful, architectural and functional. My personal style has been the same for a long time, and I trust my own vision. Nowadays, however I also have to take into account the production process of the design, not only the visual part. Also the fact that products need to be ‘clear-cut’ has become more important throughout the years.




F · What are you working on at the moment?

Currently, we’re working on many exciting things, from smaller ‘home accessory’-type products to be launched in the coming year, to larger projects such as interior projects. We hope for a busy year 2014.


G · For you what makes a product rare?

For us it is a combination of craftsmanship, high quality materials and the amount of hard work that have been put into a product. All the way from the ideation process to the finishing of the product. It’s all about the authenticity, that the product is what is says it is. We love for our products to tell a story, and to be able to do it in the years to come.


H · What would people be surprised to learn about you?

We are both avid horse riders, having both competed on national and international level in the past, Bette in show jumping and Cilla in dressage riding. Our family runs a stable that has been an excellent ‘school of life’ and a source of inspiration for many things.



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