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Exclusive interview * Philipp Aduatz


Exclusive interview * Philipp Aduatz 1exclusive interview philipp aduatz2


Philipp Aduatz merge both functions, he is the designer and the producer of his work.  He joins traditional craft techniques with innovative implements. Aduatz work is present in the most important design product fairs and he has won several awards because of his distinguished and super creative design. He has made the Melting Chair, which is suitable for use , with the purpose to capture a transient transformation within a sculptural object.

Read our interview where he reveals a bit more about him-self.


A · Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I studied Industrial Design in Vienna and I graduated in 2007, after that I completed a doctoral dissertation in the field of material technologies to expand my mind in natural sciences and use the influence of scientific research as a source of inspiration for my work. With my objects I´m trying to challenge the boundaries between design, art and science.


B · What’s your favorite part of the design process?
To create models or prototypes with my own hands. For example, I like to start the design process with a small clay model that I shape by hand like a sculptor, after that I make 3D scan of the geometry and work on the computer further. That gives me the possibility to switch between digital and traditional technologies.


Exclusive interview * Philipp Aduatz 3exclusive interview philipp aduatz


C · Please tell us more about your art and design background and what made you become an artist and designer?
My first study on University was Paintings, but what I missed were aspects like three-dimensionality and material technologies. So my second study was Architecture, but there I missed the freedom of art. Finally I studied Design and during this study I felt that I could use my abilities in the most suitable way. I was soon fascinated by other designers that worked on an interface between design and art, I felt that I could use my talent in that area the best way and so I decided to make design art pieces as my main profession.


D · Where do you get inspiration?
I can find Inspiration basically everywhere, it can be literature, movies, art, music, nature, but my main inspiration is science.


E · What was the movie or book that impressed you the most?
The movie that impressed me the most was Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” – I watched this movie the first time when I was twelve years old, I think the movie is groundbreaking in many ways and till today just mind blowing for me.
The book that inspired me most in the last time was: “Truth and Beauty: Aesthetics and Motivations in Science” written by the astrophysicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar. In his book he searches for similarities between the concepts of beauty in science and art and examines the question whether there are discernible differences regarding the patterns of creativity of artists and scientists.


F · Can you describe your style, how has that style developed over the years?
I´m trying to develop my own, personal language of form by combining traditional craft concepts and techniques with cutting edge implements such as 3D laser scanning, CNC milling, and Rapid Prototyping. My style is the result of my interest in art and science and constantly changing trough the progress of workflow.


Exclusive interview * Philipp Aduatz 2exclusive interview philipp aduatz


G · What are you working on at the moment?
I´m working currently on new designs that are based on one fundamental question: Is it possible to develop a concept of beauty which is not based on the subjective judgement of taste but on scientific facts? In this project I´m trying to produce new empirical data in form of results at an interface between design and science.


H · For you what makes a product rare?
Literally speaking: it´s limitation, if a product is only available in a certain quantity.
In a metaphorical sense: the originality of its idea and the innovative aspect of the design background.


I · What would people be surprised to learn about you?
That´s hard for me to answer, perhaps that I´m a very introverted person.


Exclusive interview * Philipp Aduatz 4exclusive interview philipp aduatz


See our article on Philipp Aduatz’s Melting chair.



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