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Fake movie at New York * Claire & Max

Fake movie at New York * Claire & Max

Fake movie at New York * Claire & Max. When we think about those movie effects that changed our lives we don’t expect to see them in real life.

Claire & Max fake movie at New York surprised us again with a new approach to the New York City life. Just like they did in Paris a few years ago we now can see how that day to day street looks like a movie set.

See more about their work in Paris

Fake movie at New York * Claire & Max

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Fake movie at New York * Claire & Max Fake movie at New York * Claire & Max In this fake movie at New York we can observe a two dimensional approach to the city landscape design where the dimension and depth were removed. At the glare of an eye our perception of a brick by brick construction is replaced with large movie sets that look exactly like they were made for a movie, don’t worry we were a little confused too at the beginning.

Claire & Max Claire & Max Claire & Max Claire & Max

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Claire & Max

Claire & Max fake movie at New York describe this as “…the theme of emptiness, abandonment, and human impact on the physical and social environment.” We can imagine how our society feels and understand the impact of an illusion in a world we take for granted and think about the idea that we can be handle.

Apart from the idea of an illusion and the creative movie set, Claire & Max fake movie at New York experienced a high level of detail and an amazing approach handling graphic and video editing skills opening the possibility for new ways to interact with our space and we can learn from this example to see the world with a new perspective.

Find more about Claire & Max at their website.

Claire & Max


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