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Flexible Lightbulbs * Booo

Flexible Lightbulbs * Booo 3 rubber lamps nacho carbonell


Boo Eindhoven Studio challenge 3 of the most creative design studios on the scene, like Front, Nacho Carbonell  and Formafantasma,  to re-think the concept of a light bulb, trying to contrast the conventional concept of fragile and cold glass bulbs.
The idea is to created the concept of bulb and lampshade in one by redesigning the regular light bulb while using the sustainable LED  lamps technology. This new LED technology allows designers using different materials that was impossible before because the requirements of conventional lightbulb technology. The lamp with the light bulb and makes the light bulb become the lamp. This September we wilI discovered them at Maison&Objet and Booo LED bulbs are a new category in the illumination segment and will soon be accessible for the consumer market.



Spanish design talent Nacho Carbonel  inspired by the four classical elements, earth, air, fire and water to accomplish his light source. He used a material durable as the LEDs, creating a product that can last as long as the LED technology provides. He used rubber to shape the body of the light bulbs, making the LED lightbulb  unbreakable and with a soft feeling, escaping from the conventional lamp fragile and cold. See his work process here.


Flexible Lightbulbs * Booo 1 Lightbulbs by Booo on flodeau


Flexible Lightbulbs * Booo 2 Globe light Nacho Carbonell


Front swedish studio used another material like polycarbonate, they make this project in different three sizes. They get inspiration in the traditional shape of a lampshade merging a lampshade and a light bulb into one stand-alone piece. We were inspired by the long life of an LED lamp. Its burning time of almost ten years makes it possible to create a lamp you never need to change the bulb of. The inner dome softens the light and creates the illusion of a lamp without a bulb”.


Flexible Lightbulbs * Booo 7 formafantasma light species


FormaFantasma inspired in organic forms and their intention was to get an asymmetrical leaf by a single piece or as a flock of glowing leafs. They used polycarbonate to made the light species. The vessel of the bulb is produced with a 19th century material re-developed by Formafantasma composed by a polymer extracted from insect excrement that colonize trees mixed with wood powder.


Flexible Lightbulbs * Booo 4 Front Boo Lamps


Flexible Lightbulbs * Booo 6 formafantasma



Flexible Lightbulbs * Booo pinit fg en rect red 28

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IRIDESCENT COPPER * Studio Besau Marguerre 2 IRIDESCENT COPPER Studio Besau Marguerre 360x195

IRIDESCENT COPPER * Studio Besau Marguerre

Flos a lamp * Marcel Wanders 3

Flos a lamp * Marcel Wanders

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