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Fredrikson Stallard, a furniture design studio founded by Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard.

Fredrikson Stallard’s products, furniture and interiors balance on the ridge between the traditions of the past and the dreams of the future, with a healthy disregard for the conventions of both. The juxtaposition and fusion of elements from both sides give us glimpses of another, barely tangible reality: a reality where all things are deeper, darker and altogether more fantastic.


Fredrikson Stallard’s Iris collection for Swarovski Crystal Palace 2011 consists of four crystal and steel pieces designed to resemble the iris of a human eye.



Rubber Table Small was originally designed as seating for the VIP area of the inaugural Design Art London exhibition, now known as Pavilion of Art and Design London

The studio pieces are like fairy tales for grown-ups: they combine simple surface with underlying themes of opulent and sensual darkness. The designs evoke feelings of fragility, surprise, desire, and in doing so they challenge cultural preconceptions and notions of how we live and how we surround ourselves with objects.



The elegant Aviary chair is derived from the hand-formed modelling of miniature aluminium sheets, what they call the analogue stage.


Gold Crush Table, Launched as part of Fredrikson Stallard’s solo show “Crush” at David Gill Galleries, London, September 2012


Detroit Table from Fredrikson Stallard’s latest collection, assembled under the title Crush, include a continuation of their glass unit tables, previously filled with feathers and splattered with dynamic throws of paint.

We can clearly see that in Fredrikson works the intention is to pass from industrial production to unique bespoke pieces. His pieces balance on the ridge between the traditions of the past and the dreams of the future. The junction of elements from both brings life to a more fantastic creation bringing the best of both realities.

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