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India Mahdavi | A design wonderland

Let’s take a journey through the exciting world that’s India Mahdavi design wonderland.

India Mahdavi  is an Iranian-French architect and designer. Her creations are full of happiness and colour, a delight to our eyes.

we get glimpses into her imagination and inside world, from her work as an interior design or as a product designer.

In which both of them we can see is always full of life, joyful. A rich mixture of styles, cultures, and colors.

India Mahdavi work became a staple of exclusivity and uniqueness eclectic lifestyle.

As some may describe her work as “high end, joyful, nomadic, chic, elegant, sensual, minimal, ‘art de vivre’, a certain way of life“.

In the words of the designer herself, “I listen to it, I analyze its constrains, its needs, and its context. This is how my studio functions; The human scale prevails. I often compare places to faces.”

We can just say that we feel very privileged to be able to witness such good design, a happy otherworldly kind of work. Something so dreamy that takes us somewhere else for a moment.

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