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Ini Archibong Below the Heavens

“Below the Heavens is a collection of pieces that allow you to escape your mundane reality while you’re still here on earth, in your home.” – Ini Archibong

Imagine a space that reflects soul and humanity, through design and style. Every piece with a unique line. Made out of senses and balance for you to relax and enjoy the tranquillity.
So many compliments come to our minds when the name of Ini Archibong comes to the table.
Maybe livin’ in Neuchâtel, in Switzerland helped. The designer lives surrounded by mountains with an exclusive view of the mountain castles and a lake down below.

A man that although grew up on the outskirts of Los Angeles, came with his parents who had emigrated from Nigeria. Grow in up in the city Ini is from Pasadena, which is on the outskirts of LA. The designer also lived in San Francisco and New York but in words of Ini “It didn’t last.”
Archibong launched the first half of the 22-piece collection in 2018. Designed to reference elements of both heaven and earth, it features lights that evoke cloud formations and a table that references the sun rising up from the horizon.

Defining himself as a believer of mythology and spirituality Ini Archibong believes his work can have an intangible, almost spiritual effect on the spaces it occupies.

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