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IRIDESCENT COPPER * Studio Besau Marguerre



Studio Besau-Marguerre experiments with materials, innovative color schemes, creative staging: the collaboration of Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau is fascinating so much probably also because of both product designers not only sharing their ideas and development stages, but also living together and thus giving incitement over and over again. Consequently, the product designers established a common studio in May 2011 and benefit from their combined resources. Eva Marguerre loves working with paper, ribbons, wooden materials, smooth surfaces, wood grain … at first it is the detail catching her eyes: sensually grasping the objects, refining and transforming them into something excellent. This is what makes her work for various magazines and also her stool series „Nido“ so distinctive. Marcel Besau combines digital with analog technology: the mixture of human thought processes, classic craftsmanship and precision machine work is his focal point. For him the essence of his work with generative computer programs lies especially in the variety of applications and occasionally in the ensuing unprecedented results.




Thus, the two designers’ diversified styles and working methods incessantly give rise to innovative concepts and eye-catching implementations ranging from interior design over product design to visual communication. Everything coming from one source.





“Mirrors are as ancient as our human need to adorn ourselves. The first mirrors in human history were originally made from polished
metals, particularly copper. These archaic origins inspired the Hamburg design  duo Studio Besau-Marguerre to create the object “Iridescent Copper” for stilwerk limited edition design gallery. “Iridescent Copper” reawakens the ancient form of the mirror to new beauty. The captivating design of the mirror explores  all the possibilities offered by the natural discolouration process undergone by copper.






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