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Janus * A Tea light and Candleholder Design

Janus  A Tea light and Candleholder Design

Janus is a tea light on one end and a candle holder on the other.
Janus belongs to the family of candleholders whose form allows for both a standard taper and tea light candle to be used interchangeably by rotating the holder.

Janus  A Tea light and Candleholder Design

About the Designer

Joe Doucet is a designer, inventor and creative director that works for several brands such as Bernhardt, BMW, Braun, Hugo Boss, Lexon, Moët & Chandon and Target.

Doucet’s work has been exhibited numerous places internationally, including the London Design Museum and the Biennale International Design in Saint-Etienne, while his awards include a 2014 Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award Nomination in Product Design, a 2010 World Technology Award for Design and Good Design Awards in 2012 and 2008. He was also named the only ever AvantGuardian for Design by Surface Magazine and he currently holds more than 50 patents for his designs and inventions.

Janus  A Tea light and Candleholder Design

Product characteristics
Janus is a high quality piece and is made of Solid Steel Plated and Polished in Copper, Silver and Black Nickel.
The piece is made of solid steel and the candlestick taller weighs about 10 pounds.
Janus is designed to become a modern heirloom, passed from generation to generation.

Product Measures
Tall 2.5”ø x 5”
Med 2.5”ø x 3.5”
Small 2.5”ø x 2”

See Also: Labo Pendent Lamp * From Studio Penta

Janus  A Tea light and Candleholder Design Janus  A Tea light and Candleholder Design

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Thanks for reading, I hope that you will continue interested to know more about the latest news about art and design world.
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Via @joedoucet.com

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