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Jean-Pierre Jardel * Artist Profile

Jean Pierre Jardel

At the same time that Jean-Pierre Jardel prepared itself to dedicate into science field in the common verb, people often say “the blood is calling” when no matter what, you have in your genes the possibility of preserving the heritage of your roots.

In 1959,  Jean-Pierre’s father Fernand Henri Jardel, arrived to Australia in 1959 and in a period of one year, he formed a manufacturing company producing workplace furniture. In the 70’s,  monsieur Jardel, introduces his European touch  with Planex, a company of furniture design. But was in 1972, when Jean-Pierre starts to learn the foundations of family business, he manufacturing process and as his appreciation for the beauty envolve in the growing of a product.

Working hard and 25 years later, Jean-Pierre took a important rol, being part of the Australian most important commercial furniture design and manufacturing industry, becoming the CEO of Planex.

And he came to revolutionize. Jean-Pierre, introduces a primary formula that transform in the philosophy of the company: create a workplace environment who goes pushed by a collaborative interaction, where the activity-based furniture provide a spirit of share ideas.

“My vision for the business always encapsulated functionality and style, catering to an evolving workplace. I saw Planex as being as creative as possible, incorporating European styling, without the huge cost”. Jean-Pierre Jardel 

The approach in Planex, a place where converge all kinds of transformative ideas in the design process are integrate the vision of Jardel: “built-out obsolescence”, which means that the products must be recyclable, repurposed and future-proof ensuring they can be reused and reconfigured as needs change. products “break the mold”, making entire highly customisable furnitures, giving to the consumer the important possibility of speak about their needs for then transforms it in realities.

This industry is full of competitors and imitators; by ensuring no two products need be the same, it’s hard for competitors to come close to the same personalised offerings of Planex,” Jean-Pierre.

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Jean Pierre Jardel

Since the incorporation in Jean-Pierre in crew who takes the importants decisions until today, Planex has always focused on support Australian designers, promoting  a important local design community  in Australia.

Recently, Planex launch a product who build a innovative solution to the ctivity-based-working and end-of-journey environments:  xLocker2.

Jean Pierre Jardel

Following the tremendous success represented for Planex xLocker, the xLocker2 has been redesigned to feature portable device powering for personal laptops and phones. The product is made to order with custom colours/finishes, ensuring that workplaces can tailor the locker system to suit the needs of all users.

Jean Pierre Jardel

Jean Pierre Jardel

The addition of a new patented joining system allows faster assembly on site and reduces the number of tools required to assemble, making it easier to reconfigure. xLocker2 is inspired by the unique needs of the modern workplaces and the effect this has on design as companies increasingly move away from traditionally structured working spaces.

Jean Pierre Jardel

Definitely, Jean-Pierre has managed to preserve its heritage high. He has managed to expand its roots to places like Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne, and sticking to the common verb of blood, his son, Alexander, now works for the company in R & D.

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