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J.Wiel * Gravity Stool

Gravity Stool

On a previous post – “Design of the year 2013 * part II”, we highlighted this Gravity Stool, a nominee for Design of the year 2013 in the furniture category. Now, we have the promotional and production video for this amazing piece of art.

Directed by Miranda Stet


The video itself is an excellent work, showing how they do it in a quite artistic way, always teasing the viewer with details, appetizing colours and a relaxed pace, which combines perfectly with the simulated gravitational effect in motion. It’s mesmerizing to watch the stool coming to life, almost literally, and feeling that the end result is not completely controlled, meaning there won’t be two equal pieces, rendering each one unique.


Jólan van der Wiel*Gravity Stool


The creative team at Jólan van der Wiel’s studio, based in Amsterdam, developed this exquisite piece of furniture using a new technique that combines technology with a natural phenomenon – gravity. In fact, this is a simulated gravitational effect, achieved by using a machine with magnetic fields that attract the especially conceived plastic material. And that is exactly their approach to design: creating functional pieces through innovative processes and developing new tools.


Jólan van der Wiel*Gravity Stool


Jólan van der Wiel*Gravity Stool

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