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Lucas Morten – The Contemporany Scandinavian Crafts

Lucas Morten, 26 years old Scandinavian is making difference between the minimal and the mid-century designers.
Crafting piece by piece,the self-taught artists is originally inspired by his creative family traditions drifting from art and functional furniture with brutal and raw aesthetic.

lucas morten

Morten pieces are almost an interactive art in more than a visual way and physically and mentally. Each piece has its own sense in the public but for sure that all of them wakes something is everyone.
Internal war in our own perception of form, art and message of each creation.


His style is also dictated by his own appearance.
Tall, clear skin, blue cold eyes, strong face, long hair, and always wearing black.
He moved back to Sweden where he currently has his atelier, from New York. A jump of love for Tyra-Stina Wilhelmsson – Stockholm based blogger who is stirring up the local fashion scene with her fondness for black lipstick and her defiantly nonconformist approach to dressing up – and a step forward in his own journey.

We select our favourite creations for you, so you can see for yourself the talent and the irreverence of Lucas.

FLYRK CHAIR – Concrete base, burned waxed steel and hand-waxed upholstered cushion.

PUNG LAMP – is a work made to symbolize how human emotions often are held stored in a dark fog. With this lamp, Lucas Morten wants to lighten those black wholes as something that should take more space, time and expression.

SVAV SOFA – Concrete, hand-waxed upholstered cushion with elements inspired by one of the earliest monumental buildings, the ziggurats of ancient Mesopotamia.

PLINTH TABLE – Only concrete inspired by the brutalism architecture era.

All the objects come with a “Certificate of Authenticity”. Objects are signed on hand casted tin plates.

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