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Macrocosmos the out of this world creations of Alessandro Zambelli

Alessandro ZambelliAlessandro Zambelli, the award-winning designer, has launched his first collection- Macrocosmos a fantasy collection that it’s out of this world.Alessandro ZambelliMacrocosmos a surreal world with bizarre creatures dreamed up by zambelli in his line of furniture accessories made up of eight different components and varying vases and receptacles, combining shapes and colours and different sizes. Alessandro ZambelliEach fantastic piece, imagined  by zambelli, has been printed in 3D by fusion deposition modelling and embellished with coloured ERGAL and brass.Throughout the series of fantasy creatures, there is a dreamlike amd magical proprieties  to the collection pieces, which goes from the animal, vegetable and human world with an ironic gaze. The out of this world pieces have a geometric inspiration that comes from the animal universe and the science world.the collection is a genuine tribute to the world of science fiction and the human interest for the unkown, keeping fluid lines to keep the human side. The out of this world pieces have a geometric inspiration that comes from the animal universe and the science world.Alessandro ZambelliThe Macrocosmos is the collection that marks the official launch of alessandro zambelli edizioni, a new brand focusing on experimentation in design and on the creation of limited-edition objects and accessories.nilufar gallery What to Expect From the Nilufar Gallery During Fuorisalone 2018 Product EH9

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