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Marteen Baas * the design world

We are in Arnsberg, Germany, in 1978, when a revolutionary designer was born … present you Maarten Baas.


Marteen Baas * the design world MaartenBaas BlackWhite 1 e1348090636823

He finished his studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven and during that time he created his first commercial success, the Knuckle candleholder. Thanks to his commitment and dedication at the end of his graduation, he already had two designs, the charred furniture Smoke series and Sundial.


Marteen Baas * the design world baas clay furniture2 glitter smoke foto2 e1348090683532

A curiosity? This work was adopted in the collection of Dutch label MOOOI, of Marcel Wanders. And quickly became a known worldwide collection and displayed in places of huge success (Milan, London and Paris).In 2004, Baas debuted his Smoke series as a solo-exhibition. “Where There’s Smoke” is its name and showed 25 pieces of furniture.


Marteen Baas * the design world foto31

In 2005, Baas began working with Bas den Herder, who now produces all of his works. This partnership gave him the opportunity to produce unique pieces on a large scale and thus also grab other projects.


Marteen Baas * the design world foto43 e1348090762882

What makes Baas a single designer? His pieces are all unique and handmade, though produced in series. He takes advantage of everything and fully explores the world of design, not staying focused on what is conventional or not. Sculpt and Clay are some examples of his series.


Marteen Baas * the design world foto5 e1348090807872

One of his works that we consider the most fascinating and daring is the “empty chair” for the Amnesty International.  This masterpiece is a symbol for Liu Xiaobo and many others who’re in jail for expressing their opinion.


Marteen Baas * the design world foto61 e1348090854842

Marteen Baas, wears his scout dress and explores every corner of the incredible world of design.

Marteen Baas * the design world pinit fg en rect red 28

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DROOG * Anything but dry exhibition by Ramakers jurgen bey droog tree trunk bench e1348075695418 360x195

DROOG * Anything but dry exhibition by Ramakers

Alberto Alessi

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