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Le Morandine, still life objects brought to life by Sonia Pedrazzini

Le Morandine are a collection of still life objects designed by Sonia Pedrazzini whose shapes bring to mind the famous still lifes of Giorgio Morandi. And these pieces just like the images from Morandi, are a zen like exercise, that you can create your own combination.

still life

Sonia Pedrazzini is a designer with Mediterranean DNA, she grew up in Capri and then moved to Rome where she graduated in Industrial Design. The concept behind these collection that she brought to life, came from observing the lines, circles and pencil sketches Morandi marked on his own work table to determine the correct placement of objects, and thus, established the perfect artistic composition.

still life

Le Morandine vases are a collection of hand-painted ceramic jars, jugs and vases, the shapes of which – like the preceding series of candles – conjure up the still lifes of GiorgioMorandi. These vases in the usual Morandi color range, preserving the matt and chalky appearance of the daily objects that the artist encountered and repainted before transposing them into the waxy light of his paintings.

still lifeLe Morandine vases were made by hand by Italian craftspeople and design by Sonia Pedrazzini. These shapes flow freely in space and move on imaginary roads in order to create intimate still-lives similar to the ones conceived by the artist at the table in his atelier.still life

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