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New Sculptural Environments by Beesley’s

Philip Beesley

Philip Beesley is a professor in a school of architecture at the University of Waterloo, and the behind exhibition as a transforming space.’Beesley exhibits two new sculptural works, with the retrospective couture ‘aeriform’ dress created by both Beesley and Van Herpen.

Framing the retrospective garment are two new sculptural environments which combine synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, mechanics, sound, light, and filtering systems. the work of Philip Beesley.

Lighting GIF Boca do Lobo Philip Beesley

The first ‘living lab’, is named for the fertile veil from ancient Greek mythology that protects and shelters all life.

Floor Category

The sculptural canopy that cradles the aeriform dress is composed of a matrix of responsive fronds that cover an innovative flexible structural mesh embedded with artificial intelligence. as the mylar fronds gently stir the air, they activate microprocessors and sensors organized in dense meshes that can learn, adapt, and even show curiosity as they evolve.
The artificial intelligence in the sculpture is programmed with a curiosity-based algorithm causing the system to constantly search and find new patterns of behavior.

Philip Beesley Philip BeesleyCombinations of oil, inorganic chemicals, and water-based solutions stimulated by led lights, create chemical skins within these cells that might lead to new kinds of self-renewing skins for future buildings. The structural mesh of the sculpture uses overlapping strands within conical stem-shaped cells that possess extraordinary strength using minimal amounts of material.

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