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Obsidian Objects*Ribeyron

Obsidian Objects by Jacques-Elie Ribeyron


Obsidian Objects*Ribeyron 16

Obsidian Objects*Ribeyron 2

Obsidian Objects*Ribeyron 3

Obsidian Objects*Ribeyron Drawings

Obsidian is a volcanic stone that have been used for ages by different communities for it’s reflective properties. The project features a mirror, a necklace hanger and a jewelry box directly cut from obsidian blocks. Every object has a static foot and a mobile part which can be taken in the hand for it’s specific use.

Commissioned by Okolo
Handmade manufacturing has been accomplished by Société Cub Ar.
Photos: Charles Negre


Obsidian Objects*Ribeyron pinit fg en rect red 28

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