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O’Clock Chair * Nika Zupanc

O’Clock Chair * Nika Zupanc  4

Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc has created 5 O’Clock Chair for Moooi, the Dutch design firm founded by Marcel Wanders in 2001. Paying tribute to the traditional English porcelain, and adding a touch of Japan, the Zupanc’s new chair is decorated with roses stamped, following the line of her delicate feminine collection.


O’Clock Chair * Nika Zupanc  1


Nika Zupanc has burst on the international scene: her unique style has been described as “punk elegance” and is considered among the most promising young talents. Romantic and explicitly avowed away to the canons of formal orthodoxy rationalist design, collections of female forms have not gone unnoticed from that in 2008 created her Lolita chandelier. Its 5 O’Clock chair was presented at the last fair in Milan in the new Moooi showroom.



For the design of the chair 5 O’Clock, Zupanc explains, in her own words, her inspiration: “Since I can remember, I have always loved the traditional English porcelain. With prints of roses. My romantic soul could not ever resist a showcase with porcelain flower prints, had to stand. And admire. And while I accompany a friend architect of those dogmatic form following function strictly in love with Neufert and Le Corbusier, unable to separate their modern fantasies, of course, blessed with exquisite taste. They could not bear my illusions retro girl, who classified as peculiarities of my mind. But if something is forbidden, it becomes even more intriguing. At least for me. So here’s my chair china with roses, a personal challenge to find the essence of a self minimal choice. ”

O’Clock Chair * Nika Zupanc  2


O’Clock Chair * Nika Zupanc  3
With table set, chair 5 O’Clock design incorporates an eclectic mix of the English and Japanese, very typical of Slovenian designer staff.


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O’Clock Chair * Nika Zupanc  pinit fg en rect red 28

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