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Primary * by Flynn Talbot

Primary by Flynn Talbot

Design Gallerist shows you the hightlights of this inovative designer – Flynn Talbot.
Know this beautiful installation of lights, titled Primary.


Primary, explores colour mixing of light. 3 LED spotlights project pure light onto a wall mounted cardboard sculpture. The sculpture is designed to fragment the 3 primary colours of light (red, green & blue) and show the stories of how coloured light mixes. Light and object are intrinsically connected.

Primary by Flynn Talbot Primary by Flynn Talbot

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Primary by Flynn Talbot

“ My pieces explore the way light impacts human experience and transforms space. I want to offer a chance to feel absorbed in the work. My approach fuses memorable and bold aesthetics with very fine detailing, while maintaining the essential human element. ”

Primary by Flynn Talbot

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The installation exhibition already happen in Paris, Éléphant Paname gallery, and Perth – Australia

Primary by Flynn Talbot

About the Designer:
Flynn Talbot is specialized in Lighting Design. Currently, He Design Studio is based in London, UK. The designer likes to innovate and use the light of an artist and unique way.

He says: “ I design innovative lighting fixtures for mass production and lighting installations for galleries and unique buildings.”

In 2010 his career took the leap, Flynn Talbot Studio was established and he was awarded “Young Lighting Designer of the Year” in Frankfurt.
This interactive light installation Horizon was exhibited in Sydney, London and Frankfurt and he created him first solo exhibition with X&Y at the prestigious Helmrinderknecht Gallery in Berlin.

Primary by Flynn Talbot Primary by Flynn Talbot

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A candy bar installation * By Pip & Pop

A candy-bar installation * By Pip & Pop

Tree Root Chandeliers By Artist Giuseppe Licari

Tree Root Chandeliers * By Artist Giuseppe Licari

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