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Proven Chair * Top Design’13



A collaboration between Marjan van Aubel and James Shaw resulted in a nomination for designs of the year 2013, as we announced before.

The Well Proven Chair definitely deserves this recognition as it looks so original and outstanding.




Both based in London, the designers created this chair made of foaming wood. This was made by combining wood shavings with a bio resin which caused a reaction so that the mixture would increase to up to 6 times its size and form this texture. This was then smoothed onto a basic polypropylene seat by hand and set with the legs attached. As the texture is so unpredictable each chair is unique, and you can have sure there will be no one that will look exactly the same.


We can say this is a very eco-friendly chair as it uses all this wood waste to create amazing texture that is applied by hand to the structure. The foam-like compound, with the addition of color dye, takes on an exuberant and colorful form.

This nomination for this two designers was very deserved!

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