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Ribone Lamp Shades * Martin Zampach

Ribone Lamp Shades * Martin Zampach

Martim Zampach has created a series of Lampshades with fins 3D printed of environmentally friendly corn-starch based PLA material.
These lamps can be the future revolution on industrial lamps, who knows!

Ribone Lamp shades are inspired by visual appearance of heat-sinks visible for example on industrial lamps or nowadays on LED bulbs. Design can be produced in any color or size and has wide variety of possibilities thanks to 3D printing technology.
Beyond this, it can be customization to fit in any socket, bulb or any other specification by customer.

Ribone Lamp Shades * Martin Zampach

Black & White Ribone Lamps, photo by Antonín Honzík

This Lamps are made out of PLA, aka bioplastic, this material are used in FDM 3D PRINTER.
Zampach tried to use less material as possible to build firm structure but also big enough in short print time.

“This is in no way just a matter of beauty or aesthetics; shadings are designed especially for LED lights and are fully operational. You just need to screw the shield onto the light bulb thread and that’s it.” says Be3D.

Ribone Lamp Shades * Martin Zampach

Ribone Lamps in two colors, photo by Antonín Honzík

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WAVE collection is another example of continuous research of FDM 3D printing technology.
These Vases have a similar structure to Ribone Lamps, reminiscent of the heat sinks commonly found on LED light bulbs.

Ribone Lamp Shades * Martin Zampach

WAVE collection by Martin Zampach

Martin Zampach an award winning designer studied Glass Art at the Secondary Art School in Luhačovice, Czech Republic. In 2006 he graduated from the Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Czech Republic where he studied Industrial Design. He also studied Product Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland.

Ribone Lamp Shades * Martin Zampach

Martin Zampach photography

His work is centered around Product/Industrial Design, with much of the emphasis being focused on glass design. His experience is multi-cultural: he worked for an architecture studio in Londrina, Brazil; for renowned design studio CuldeSac in Valencia, Spain; the biggest design studio in Russia the Art Lebedev Studio from Moscow and design studio FLEX/cocoon where he was dealing with structural packaging and industrial design.
He resides and works in Prague, Czech Republic as an independent designer now.

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Thanks for reading, I hope that you will continue interested to know more about the latest news about art and design world.
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Via @martin.zampach.com



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